Welcome to the
Age of Contribution

Welcome to
the Age of

There is a deep shift taking place in society - from an age of scale to an age of contribution.

It is forcing us to re-think the paradigm in which businesses & organizations work and the role of education in equipping individuals to flourish in this new age.

The Shift

The 20th century was the Age of Scale.

Mankind learnt how to scalably produce not just cars, but soaps, shampoos, pizzas & hamburgers. The Age of Scale created with it the Industrial-Process paradigm involving standardization, routinization and the pursuit of size & productivity improvements as the primary goals.

In the 21st century, everything is changing.

Digitization & Automation are sweeping through society, swallowing in their wake all forms of routine jobs. A VUCA world is demanding agility, responsiveness and with-it collaboration & design behavior. Millennials are demanding more meaning & purpose and questioning the routinized existence of the earlier generation.

This is forcing us to rethink the paradigm. If the Industrial-Process paradigm is inadequate, what is the new answer?

It is our hypothesis that a new Age is coming upon us – where individuals, organizations & collectives shift from routinization to conscious contribution, from hierarchy-centricity to collective-centricity, from scale focus to scale + responsiveness focus.

This Age we call the Age of Contribution.

This Age of Contribution will bring new challenges for corporate leaders, educational leaders and changemakers.

How do we get institutions to think like dynamic collectives? How do we get individuals to engage with work and become creators of a new world that is hopefully a little better than what we have today? How do we help young people find meaning and fulfillment in their lives?

Over a decade, Illumine has been rigorously sense-making this space and building scalable models to help individuals and institutions transition to this new age.

We invite you to explore this hypothesis, learn more about how these challenges can be addressed.


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For Institutional Leaders

to be able to recognize Contributors & nurture a culture of contribution

For Individuals

seeking to build themselves for the new Age

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Model for Teams

Unleash team potential: The Contributor Way

Enable your teams to -

  • design innovative contributions that create new orders of value for the organization
  • improve their productivity and ability to execute
  • develop alignment towards a shared purpose
  • become agile, responsive and resilient in the age of contribution

Contributor Teams Intervention


To know more about how you can build leaders and teams in your organization for the new age, get in touch.

Nitisha Singh

Subramaniam Sridhar

Mamta Kundalia

Model for Universities

Build Contributors, rather than degree holders

Beyond technical education, Universities can enable students to -

  • build a 'contributor mindset' - to deal with the changing world of work and become relevant to industry,
  • help students go beyond traditional resumes and showcase their full potential to employer pools across the country
  • develop a sense of citizenship and make a difference to their communities & nation through their work

Payoff: A success engine for your university

  • a unique educational experience for students which differentiates your university
  • a stronger industry connect using the contributor development model
  • a nation-building role by supplying contributors to the national workforce

The Contributor Development Model, built for scale

Built in 2011, Contributor Development Model has reached out to over 8,00,000 students in different parts of India. It has been run in GTU, IIT Delhi, IIT Jammu, Centurion University, Amrita University to name a few.

Know more about the Contributor Development Model.

MoU with AICTE

AICTE, the national regulatory body for all technical institutions & Illumine Foundation have signed an MoU to scale the Contributor Development Model in universities across the country.


To know more about how your university can take up the Contributor Development Model, get in touch.

Subramaniam Sridhar

Contributor Development Model

The Lab
behind the Initiative

Since 2011, Illumine has been designing, scaling and evolving models to enable educational, corporate and government institutions to respond to the shift.

Illumine is an ideas-in-action lab that brings about knowledge-based change at scale. Illumine works towards realizing four key outcomes in society:


Get new insights through more videos, articles, microbooks. Get invites to webinars & workshops with experts to apply this thinking in your context.