The end-state we seek

At the heart of Illumine’s vision for the future is an expansion in our collective definition of “societal evolution”.

Societal Evolution is currently described in financial, technological, communicational, and sometimes, political evolution.

We add to this definition of societal evolution, the dimension of personal, collective, and institutional evolution in terms of the quality of how we live our personal & collective lives – helping people develop self-esteem, positive identities & resilience, create ample meaning & deeper purposes in the workplace, awaken a sense of shared responsibility, inter-human respect & collective ownership of the challenges facing the planet, learning to heal divisions among peoples & races, figuring out how to reduce inequalities both of resource & opportunities, and the personal & shared capacity to respond to the challenges we face.

The expanded vision of societal evolution we call “the society of human possibilities” - where traditional drivers of development need to be seen as enablers for human fulfillment, not as the altars at which human destinies are sacrificed.

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