Cognitive Empowerment

Cognitive Empowerment is the scientific approach to awakening people to their ‘inner strength’ in a systematic, rigorous and replicable manner at scale. It means strengthening people at a deeper cognitive level i.e. at the level of their vision of themselves and of life, frames or modes of thinking, belief system, cognitive capacities etc.
Diverse initiatives have been designed & developed over the past decades for large communities like school children, college students, youth, changemakers, parents, teachers, etc. with the single-minded goal of cognitive empowerment.
Cognitive Empowerment Initiatives developed for different collectives:
Resources & Tools for Changemakers
Ensure that the outcomes you seek to make happen in your community are leveraged to have a multiplier effect
The Contributor Initiative
Take on the mantle of building future contributors through our higher educational system
Human Possibilities Thinking in Schools Initiative
Let’s join hands to create a new generation of enlightened citizens through the schooling system
Teacher Enablement Initiative
Participate in the building of a Support Ecology for the teacher community in India. The first design pilots with municipal school teachers are on now…
Media partners Initiative
Leverage the power of mass media to be a force of change and deepen your connect with youth audiences