Cognitive Empowerment
Types of Resources

We provide a range of resources such as -

  • Engagement Books to run 1-1.5 hour sessions, each around a single cognitive empowerment goal
  • Self-discovery books
  • Counseling toolkits
  • Mobile-based knowledge bytes, etc.
Who can partner
  • Change-making Agencies
  • NGOs
  • Counselors
From the Cases & Possibilities Blog:

We have collaborated with several NGOs who are using these resources to reach out and empower the communities they serve.

VIHE using the Engagement Books
NGOs using the Youth Counseling Kit
VIHE using the Engagement Books

Vivekananda Institute of Human Excellence (VIHE), Hyderabad has partnered with us for regular supply of engagement books for numerous batches - both for youth as well as school children.

NGOs using the Youth Counseling Kit

Several partner NGOs have been using our Youth Counseling Toolkit to help youth build the strength and resilience to face challenges, by reframing their identity into one of strength.