Assimilation Models
Who can use this?

These platforms can be used to complement domain/ technical education with being-level capacities (belief in one’s own infinite potential) and new mindsets and thinking needed for a changing world (contribution thinking).

How it works
  1. Each platform has elements which are can be integrated into traditional education.

    For example, a formal course curriculum, formal textbook and/ or pre-architected class sessions with teacher resource material, examination formats, class projects and ongoing evaluation mechanisms.
  2. It also has some digital components for self-learning by the student, for ongoing immersion with the subject.
Currently Available Platforms
Contribution Thinking Platform
Human Possibilities Platform
Contribution Thinking Platform

Three versions of this platform are available:

  • A structured classroom-based course which can be embedded into the curriculum for large universities and formal educational institutions.
  • A flexible modular course for private universities, colleges, non-formal educational institutions,
  • A structured digital course which can be run in-parallel without interrupting the existing education/ training system.
From the Cases & Possibilities Blog

The university model has been scaled to over 6,00,000 students of Gujarat Technological University & Centurion University

The flexible model has been adopted by IIT Delhi and IIT Jammu

Human Possibilities Platform

Currently, a 3-year program is available for schooling systems. This program is called the Awakened Citizen Program and is being scaled up across India by our delivery partners Ramakrishna Mission Delhi.

From the Cases & Possibilities Blog

The Awakened Citizen Program has reached nearly 4500 schools across India.