Catalogue of Capacities
Meta Cognitive Capacities
Self-Awareness Capacities
What we offer

Based on our work with large organizations across several industries over the last decade, we have created an "Assimilation System" - a multi-modal system designed to enable a person to assimilate (apply and live) a meta-cognitive capacity rather than merely comprehend it.

Discovery Workshops

These workshops enable people to discover the meta-cognitive capacity. They help people see new possibilities, build an inner aspiration to adopt the meta-cognitive capacity and see ways/examples to apply it in their work.

Knowledge Bytes

These bytes enable people to see the meta-cognitive capacity come to life in the world around them. They see how the capacity plays out in different real-life scenarios and contexts. These bytes enrich a person's understanding and appreciation of the meta-cognitive capacity.

Gaming App

Through gaming apps, people are able to practice, measure and track their adoption of a meta-cognitive capacity on a daily basis.

Engagement Circles

These are community support/engagement mechanisms that help people solve problems or roadblocks they might be facing while applying the meta-cognitive capacity and share best practices that emerge while practicing the capacity. Such community engagements enhance the collective understanding and assimilation of the capacity.

How it works
  • 13-hr workshop to discover the meta-cognitive capacity

    We begin with a 3-hour workshop to enable discovery of the meta-cognitive capacity. These workshops need to be carried out by a pool of coaches. Illumine will license out / provide the coaches with - (a) Toolkits, (b) Training, (c) Conceptual and Facilitation Guides. These workshops are simple and designed for scale.

  • 2Knowledge bytes and gaming app

    Following the workshop, employees will receive – (a) 10-12 knowledge bytes over the course of the 3 month period at the rate of 1-2 bytes per week on their phones. (b) The gaming app for daily engagement and improvement.

  • 3Coaches facilitate community engagements

    Coaches facilitate / take responsibility of WhatsApp / Facebook based community engagements between employees. They try to solve problems, unearth tacit best practices, etc. Illumine will provide coaches with enablers to have the best possible community engagement.