From vision to actualized realities
- Illumine’s emergence approach
As a visionary leader, you are concerned with institutional evolution – i.e. wholesale evolution of your entire system – in terms of business or institutional models, evolution of the collective mind of the institution, evolution in cognitive capacities of individuals & teams, and evolution of the institutional vision as a whole – such that it results in a new living reality.

Institutional evolution requires a different process from implementing strategies. It requires the systematic unfoldment of a seed vision at every level until it takes on the form of a fully sustainable system. A typical emergence journey has four key stages of emergence, as shown in the model below:
Illumine’s Emergence Roadmap

Client Speak
Here are some video excerpts where our partners share their experiences of working with us:

Mr. O P Bhatt, Ex-Chairman, SBI on the Citizen SBI Project.

Mr. Pankaj Razdan, MD & CEO, Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance and Deputy Chief Executive, Aditya Birla Capital (2018)