The Design Leader Program focuses on teaching the building blocks of Design Leadership
Building Block 1 - Value Thinking

Innovations that create new “orders of value” at the least cost. Going beyond products/ processes and focusing on an integrated mode of thinking that encompasses growth, profits, sustainability parameters,etc.

Building Block 2 - Mode of Working

Use design as a ‘mode of working’ in an organization for example, for example ‘rapid prototyping’.

Building Block 3 - Design Engagement

An organization is an elaborate system of contracts & commitments. A design culture requires a new set of engagement protocols across the organization.

Building Block 4 - Methods of Adoption

Any new design brings with it a serious adoption journey. It requires new capabilities, new methods of working and there is resistance to change. Designing and navigating these adoption journeys is, therefore, and important capability area for a design leader.

How it Works

The Design Leader program has two components:

Design Leaders Foundation Workshop (3 days)

In the Foundations workshop, you will learn the key principles of Design Leadership and see how these play out in the real world of business and change. This includes:

  1. A Structured Discovery session in which participants explore the Design Leadership space, and
  2. A Collaborative Solutioning Lab where participants take up challenges in business and experience the design process in groups.
Design Leader Support Program (6-12 months)

The Design Leader Support Program is designed to help you grow and sustain your journey as a Design Leader. This is an optional component which you can choose after due completion of the foundations course. Support will include:

  1. Periodic Peer Group Meetings to deepen appreciation of Design Leadership, address key challenges, share learnings
  2. Periodic Webinars & learning bytes to reinforce the concepts & methodologies, and
  3. Shared Whatsapp & Email groups of Design Leaders where there is continuous ongoing learning from one’s peer group across diverse companies, sectors and industries.
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